Same Day Dentistry With CROWN in 1 Hour

If you've ever needed a crown, bridge or veneer in the past, you likely had to wait a week or longer to get your restoration. Those days are gone. Many dentists now use special CAD/CAM technology that allows them to create milled restorations right in the office the very same day. North Babylon dentist Dr. Asya Shor offers CROWN in 1 Hour so that patients can get their bridges, crowns, veneers, inlays andonlays in just one hour.

What is CROWN in 1 Hour?

CROWN in 1 Hour, also called E4D Dentist System, is a procedure that uses laser scanning to capture impressions of each tooth optically. This means that as a patient you don't have to deal with messy and uncomfortable impressions. A series of photos create a clean digital scan. This scan is then sent to the design department, which creates a 3D model of your tooth. The dentist then customizes and designs the restoration to fit the specific characteristics of your mouth. Once the dentist is happy with the design, it's then sent to be milled right there in the office and in as little as an hour.

As a patient, you can watch the entire process without leaving the dentist's chair. With CROWN in 1 Hour, you don't have to deal with temporary solutions or second appointments, making the process quick and convenient.

Quick and Easy Dental Appointments

CROWN in 1 Hour makes going to the dentist quick and convenient. Get a new bridge or crown while you wait. To learn more, contact North Babylon dentist Dr. Asya Shor at (631) 587-4545.

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